Interactive content on any public screen

CANWZ makes any large screen interactive

Our vision is to take interactive content to every public screen, no matter if it’s in a shopping mall, the local bar, that store on the corner or at a cruise ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

CANWZ allows you to use your smartphone to control public screens and better access content that you are interested in. With CANWZ, publishers can offer their audiences interactive and relevant experiences instead of just randomly pushing information. CANWZ invites everybody to navigate images, videos and play multi-player games on public screens.


Oops! the demo doesn't work very well on small screens. Please visit this page on your desktop with a larger display.

Easy setup and no need for apps

CANWZ runs over a cloud service and can connect to any screen. CANWZ provides a link / URL that allows anyone to connect their smartphone to it and control and use the content on the screen.

Users control CANWZ through the web browser on their smartphones. There’s no need to download and install any apps, so it’s fast and easy to get started. Since all CANWZ software is web-based, it’s also very easy for businesses to customize or create any type of interactive and web-like experience for large screens. To quickly get started, use some out-of-the box CANWZ components such as an image browser, video player and awesome multi-player games.

CANWZ is built by standard components put together in a very clever way. Everything is web based: the content, the backend, the user interface and how you and your customers interact with CANWZ. It’s as simple as it gets. The CANWZ backend is build using JavaScript and middleware from node.js and This makes it possible for anyone to develop and present content for CANWZ using either HTML5, Unity, Flash, Goo or any other technology that can be displayed in a browser as long as it can communicate with JavaScript.

Get in touch!

Use the form below, contact or call Sten Selander at +46 733 125 969.

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